Mission and vision

Our Professional Service Commitment

Our Mission

Multiplying opportunities. Together.

Our Vision

A community where everyone thrives.

Our Values

Alliance, Creativity, Intentional

Our Professional Service Commitment

In addition to offering bilingual services, Valor & Solutions' employees are available to travel to meet your needs. Our dynamic team is recognized for its collaborative and innovative achievements. Our team is fully dedicated to realizing its mission, vision and upholding the values of service important to our organization.

Strategic Plan 2018-2021


Improve Employee Competencies

Promote the professional development of our employees so that they feel confident and competent, and have all the resources and tools they require to meet the needs of clients.

Improve Organisational Efficiency

Build a quality service model that capitalizes on employee strengths and competencies, ensures efficient use of available resources, and optimizes time management fulfilling all client needs.

Improve Quality of Services

Offering a continuous high quality service that goes beyond client expectations and builds a strong working relationship nourished by open feedback throughout the delivery of service.
Strategic Plan 2022-23 of Valor & Solutions.